Our Dream? To Fill Everyone’s Lives With Rhythm-Making.


At BEAT’ABOX, we believe with a passion that rhythm-making is not just for folks with formal musical training, or for those who can afford an expensive instrument.

That’s why since 2011, we’ve been running infectiously high-energy and exciting cajon classes, workshops, large scale festivals, community events, and corporate performances. We have been training people of all ages to make music using the cajon. And after reaching out to over 10,000 individuals, we have proven that EVERYONE can make music!

Whether you want to learn a new skill, looking for opportunities to give back to society, or are seeking highly rewarding staff engagement activities, BEAT’ABOX has something you need.


Join us on this musical journey through

 BEAT'ABOX School: Teachers & Students during a class.


Enrol as a student with us, where we teach foundational skills to mastery level while keeping cajon lessons engaging and interactive!

 T&O Cares! Carnival 2015: BEAT'ABOX Crew teaching DBS Singapore staffs how to play the Cajon.


We customise cajon programmes to fit the needs, goals, and timings of your organization or institution.

 BOX'OUT 2016: Performers playing Cajons.


We have a huge array of products for you to pick from, whether it is for the young ones, or for an on-the-go grooving session.

Using music as a platform for social change
— TODAY Online
Nonetheless, with faith and determination, the people at BEAT’ABOX believe that they can work through anything, no matter the hardship or setback.