+ How should I store my cajon?

The cajon is best kept indoors, as extreme temperatures and conditions can dry it out over time and create cracks, or can warp the shell. We recommend storing your cajon in the provided bag, along with a dehumidifying product (such as silica gel bags) for optimal results.

+ What if my cajon is dusty or dirty?

We recommend to use a damp cloth to dust and clean the shell, then a dry cloth to dry the surfaces immediately after.

+ Are there any other tips that I should know of?

  • We recommend applying a natural oil product once in a while, to keep the cajon shell hydrated and polished. Linseed oil and Danish oil can act as a natural varnish that will lock in the moisture level permanently. Coconut oil, by comparison, will simply keep the wood hydrated while at the same time allowing the wood to breathe. It will depend on your own preferences on which oil to apply if any.

  • To prevent damage, do not exert too much force while playing the cajon, or drop the cajon from heights. Keep your cajon in a bag during transportation, to prevent damage of your cajon from accidental collisions.


If you have additional questions regarding our BEAT'ABOX product care, please feel free to call us or write in here.